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Brad Pitt answers the question

新金沙线上 Posted by新金沙线上 at May 8,2019 14:13:28 May 8,2019 14:13:28
Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images

Here's one thing that sucks more for 新金沙线上娱乐网站celebrities than civilians.If you're a civilian,and you're way over someone,you don't have to deal with millions of people not being over them on your behalf.Like nobody in my life is pining over any of my exes.I mean,almost everyone I've dated,with maybe two exceptions,was heinous but still.Full Story

Brad,Margot,and Leo's Cannes dreams

新金沙线上 Posted by新金沙线上 at May 3,2019 15:45:01 May 3,2019 15:45:01

Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie were seen in LA yesterday on a photo shoot,presumably to promote Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.Everyone was expecting Quentin Tarantino's latest film to screen at Cannes – they love him there – but when the initial lineup was released a few weeks ago,it was said that the film wasn't ready.Full Story

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Jennifer Aniston's two birthday exes

新金沙线上 Posted by新金沙线上 at February 11,2019 13:12:54 February 11,2019 13:12:54

Today is Jennifer Aniston's 50th birthday.Her party was on Saturday,at the Sunset Tower.And as you've probably heard,it was probably the most A list guest list of any party in a long time.It could have been an awards show.It may have been more well-attended that any award show this season when you consider some of the names.Full Story

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Brange: a meeting and Miraval

新金沙线上 Posted by新金沙线上 at January 31,2019 20:53:48 January 31,2019 20:53:48
Jon Furniss/ Getty Images

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were papped on Wednesday at a meeting for three hours in an office building with an identified man.According to The Blast,it was a "heated discussion" which is basically Photo Assumption.I've seen the pictures,I just can't buy them.Full Story

Brad Pitt & Charlize Theron?

新金沙线上 Posted by新金沙线上 at January 21,2019 18:01:38 January 21,2019 18:01:38
Brian To/ Kento Nara/ Future Image/ WENN

Look.I'm excited about this too.Or the idea of it.I've been trying tocall this since July of 2017when Charlize Theron was on Howard Stern talking about dating and,as I noted then,it's a perfect pairing considering who they are and the places they occupy in Hollywood.Full Story

Brad Pitt introduces

新金沙线上 Posted by新金沙线上 at January 17,2019 15:15:07 January 17,2019 15:15:07
Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images

Brad Pitt was at the Chris Cornell tribute concert last night in LA.He introduced Toni Cornell,Chris's daughter,who performed "Redemption Song" with Ziggy Marley.Brad and Chris were close and since his death,Brad has been seen spending time with Toni and her brother Christopher Nicholas.Full Story