Have you been listening to The Chicks’ albumGaslighter? It’s SO good! And so gossipy, as all great art should be. A lot of the gossip, of course, is about Natalie Maines’s divorce from Adrian Pasdar and whether or not he cheated on her on her boat. And if the woman left behind a pair of tights. Natalie isn’t saying because of their NDA but…she’s left enough clues for the internet to investigate and, well,在线社区认为s they’ve figured it out. (Dlisted)

If your rice too wet, you f-cked up.” ENGRAVE THIS ON MY FRONT DOOR PLEASE. This should be engraved on all our front doors. Who is this man, indeed? I want to knight him. He is a hero. Because, yes, I too have watched in horror as people have either showed me how they cook their rice or described it to me and…well… you are committing a crime against rice if you are draining it. How hard can it be to get a rice cooker? They’re not expensive appliances! I mean, like anything, there is a Ferrari version of a rice cooker but I just took a quick look online – there are rice cookers available for under $30 and they’ll do a basic job for you without coming out WET, Christ! PS I love my rice cooker so much (it’s not a Ferrari but it is, like, a Lexus – Tiger brand, obviously, and my only complaint about it is that it’s not white because Jacek was the one who actually ordered it and I forgot to tell him that it’s not a real Chinese home if your rice cooker isn’t white), it’s the only appliance I would remember to take with me in case of an emergency. (Pajiba)

About 30 years ago, Princess Diana wore a red dress that the Fug Girls say aged really well. Did it? They’re right in that, sure, you could wear a dress like this and it wouldn’t scream that it was from 30 years ago but…should you? I don’t like the top of this, how it billows from the shoulders only to taper to body-con right underneath the breasts. I’d rather it do a full drop, right down to below the waist, before coming in. You probably don’t agree. (Go Fug Yourself)

John Boyega has moved on fromStar Wars. Just like so manyStar Warsalumni. Except some people want him to never move on from it because they haven’t moved on from it. Which is their choice. But can’t the man live his life and do other things?! (Cele|bitchy)

This is my FAVOURITE story of the week. It’s about the elderly Taiwanese couple modelling the clothes that have been left behind over the years at their laundry. And the Instagram account has taken off because, obviously, These Two Are Fashion.Look at them! Kate Moss wouldn’t look as good in these items! (New York Times)