Today is Jennifer Lopez’s birthday and I only know that because I wanted to post about her today and remembered her birthday is some time in July but didn’t recall exactly when and when I googled, I was like…holy sh-t, what timing! But now I’m surprised that there aren’t more headlines about it. Maybe because last year it was her 50th birthday, which was a big deal – she went on tour and all – and this year people are quiet by necessity because, well, you know.

在过去的几个月里,JLO和Alex Rodriguez(星期一的生日)在迈阿密和洛杉矶和哈普顿度过了时间。她昨天去了一辆自行车,并在本周早些时候与孩子们见面,她的头发随着我们所看到的而被撤消 - 不是它看起来不太好,当然它看起来很好。这不是JLO人们现在看到每周一次舞蹈世界。现在没有人有时间延伸,甚至是她的。那说,我喜欢她的头发,因为我永远不会对双子面包说不。是的,你可以是51岁,仍然这样做,为什么f-ck不是?


还附着 - 拍摄的arod离开加油站洗手间。对我来说,这意味着他绝望。我知道我是一个珍贵的宝贝,但我害怕从我过去在公共洗手间见到的生活后伤痕累累的公共洗手间。除了在新加坡。我最后一次在那里,公共洗手间就像酒店洗手间一样好。I don’t know if it’s still like that now (haven’t been in a while) but I’ll never forget going to pee at a public restroom in Singapore at a bus station and I’m pretty sure I wanted to move in.