In the fall of 2017, when the double-barrel Harvey Weinstein exposés hit, the first reaction was, FINALLY. And as the enormity of what was happening sank in, that a powerful, abusive bully, protected for decades by an industry built on a system of exploitation and silence, was finally experiencing a reckoning from which there would be no recovering, the second reaction was, When does Bryan Singer’s name come up? We all expected it. Anyone who follows Hollywood, filmmaking, and/or gossip should have immediately leapt from Weinstein to Singer, another powerful, abusive bully, one with a history of lawsuits and a metric ton of rumors about pool parties and underage boys. But the reckoning for Singer didn’t come, until October last year when Singer issued apreemptive strike在Esquire的作品中反对曝光。但随后,曝光从未实现过,似乎歌手会再次滑冰的谣言和指控。

Well, the exposé is here now. And it’s as bad as you think. (It comes from The Atlantic, not Esquire, in an echo of NBC passing on Ronan Farrow’s Weinstein story.) The article, written by Alex French and Maximillian Potter, represents over a year of reporting and an undoubtedly torturous process through the legal department. But finally, it’s here, a comprehensive compilation of allegations and a timeline of events that should finally stick to Singer. Even those who have not believed the rumors before must surely now reckon with a clear pattern of predatory behavior, and the way the legal system is turned against survivors seeking any form of justice—one survivor is being forced to reopen a bankruptcy to declare his suit against Singer an asset. That’s the kind of legal dancing that has kept Singer out of (official) trouble for so long. I just hope people see through it this time. The rumors were always about a mansion, pool parties, Bryan Singer and his pals and underage boys. Nothing in the article contradicts years of whisper-network reporting.

这会带来谁知道什么,何时。Rami Malek,新增为奥斯卡为他的工作Bohemian Rhapsody,claimshe didn’t know about Singer before making the movie.“I think that the allegations and things were, believe it or not, honestly something I was not aware of, and that is what it is,”he says, going on to add,“也许这是弗雷迪自己这样做,因为我们想要制作一个值得他的产品。”One, the product is not worthy of Freddie Mercury, and two, WHAT? As in, WHAT THE EVER-LOVING F-CK? Is Rami Malek’s excuse actually that FREDDIE MERCURY’S GHOST protected him from knowing about Bryan Singer? I don’t even know how to process that. Is Rami Malek slick like a politician or a total airhead? Either way, this is not a good look.

But he’s hardly alone in spouting asinine excuses for working with Singer. Remember when狂想曲格雷厄姆国王制作人说他会“always be grateful“歌手获得狂想曲made? At the time, I said, “let’s revisit that if [Singer’s] reputation gets trashed”. Well that day is here, and I am wondering how “grateful” Graham King is. Someone should really ask. I would like to know where that grateful quotient is standing now that the rumors have crossed into proper journalism. Likewise, someone should check in on Rami Malek and see if Freddie Mercury’s ghost is still protecting him or if he has new thoughts onBohemian Rhapsodyand his part in a machine that has protected Singer this long.

Rami Malek真的不知道布莱恩歌手吗?或者他不想知道,因为玩弗雷迪水星是一种使职业的角色,而且事实上,使他成为电影明星和奥斯卡被提名人。他完全从交易中获得了他想要的东西。格雷厄姆国王不知道他醒目的讨价还价吗?或者他只是闭上眼睛,希望它对他来说,就像生产者一样The Usual Suspects还有一部X-Men电影。狐狸老板斯泰西·斯图斯和艾玛瓦斯真的只知道了迈克尔·辛辣诉讼的失败,还是他们只是假设为哈维韦恩斯坦覆盖的行业也会为他们的家伙覆盖?

I find it hard to believe that no one ever knew anything. At my first LA party someone cracked a Bryan Singer pool party joke. These were not industry people. These were art punks and comedy grunts, no one knew anyone more important than the booker at the Laugh Factory. And yet they all knew enough to make a pool party joke. And as I got older, as I met more people in the industry proper, they all knew, too. The casting director at a kids’ network, the producer of a TV show, talent agents, and even a C-suite suit at a major studio. Everywhere I went, people knew about Bryan Singer. As long as I lived in LA, I heard pool party jokes. I wondered then as I wonder now—at what point does an open secret become closed? How high up the chain do you have to go before you don’t know what everyone else knows? And is it that they really don’t know, or have they just closed their eyes?

在本文中引用的人,那些选择使用他们真实姓名和那些没有的人的人正在发表讲话以来,知道自我们是魏晋暴露以来,从我们被曝光的情况下确实发生了什么变化。他们正在讲述布莱恩歌手已经预订了另一个高调,高薪指挥演出,即仍然是他周围的一个系统,因为他让人们赚钱了。这些人勇敢,我希望这一次,每个人都在倾听。我们经过池派对笑话,并打开它的秘密。我们有一个正式的损害Bryan Singer所做的损害。我们不能再失明了。Freddie Mercury的幽灵这次不会保护我们。我们必须面对我们所知道的东西:布莱恩歌手伤害了人们。选择与他合作的每个人都有一部分允许这伤害继续。